Month: August 2010

Las Vegas mosaic

Take a gander at Las Vegas on Google Maps. I’m not talking about all the fancy casinos. Look at the communities. They’re fascinating. You’ll see bundles of cookie-cutter homes forming a giant mosaic that is Las Vegas.

made-up word: triangulatorazzle

made-up word google search: triangulatorazzle “Your search – triangulatorazzle – did not match any documents.”-Google Well, this segment is officially over.

made-up word: shoppamappa

made-up word google search: shoppamappa “Your search – shoppamappa – did not match any documents.”-Google Ok, so this new segment isn’t working out so well. Well give it one more try.

made-up word: flafingolama

I am seriously behind on my “blog post every weekday” mantra; a little over a week’s worth behind. To make up for this deficit I was going to google search for completely made up words and post the results. First made-up word google search: flafingolama “Your search – flafingolama – did not match any documents.”-Google …

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free ebay listings

Through September 7, Ebay is offering FREE Insertion Fees for up to 100 Auction-style listings. That’s a very good deal. I have expressed great disgust with ebay in the past (examples here and here and here). However, getting to post just about anything you want for free is really nice. The graphic above came in …

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nice church

Here’s an interesting church design:Kuokkala ChurchLocation: Jyvskyla, FinlandArchitects: Lassila Hirvilammi ArchitectsI’m not crazy about the wall piece behind the altar though. photograph: Jussi Tianen

lightsabers on the wii rule

I bought Star Wars the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels/Jedi Alliance for Nintendo wii. If there’s ever a video game that I’m sucker for, it’s one that has open battles with lightsabers. Game on. Sign me up. I’m not a picky gamer. Heck, I’m not really even a gamer. (Though I’ll school anyone on Super Mario …

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really tall bookshelf

Here’s another cool thing in London. The National Art Library has a temporary giant bookcase construction filling void created by the building’s spiral staircase. from the architects: Situated by the V&As National Art Library, this freestanding wooden tower re-evaluates the concept of the archive. Its walls are made up of hundreds of shelves, holding thousands …

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