Month: August 2010

1980s calculator watch

Around 1986, I owned this very exact same calculator watch. I thought I was the coolest 6th or 7th grader around. It’s crazy to see so many of them for sale on ebay. It’s almost crazier to see them selling for $18. I want one. I’ll pay 6 bucks for one.

four tires

I was going through my photos in my favorite photo viewing software, Adobe Bridge, when this set of four tire photos caught my eye. I like the way they were arranged in Bridge.

chipotle burrito calories

If you head to to find out the nutritional value of their burritos, then you better bring a calculator with you. They list the nutritional value of each ingredient (which is very nice), but they don’t list the total nutritional value (which isn’t very nice). The good folks at Chipotle should make their nutritional …

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toyota slogan offensive

Toyota’s slogan, “moving forward” has problems. I understand that they’re trying to say that they’re a forward-thinking company that is an industry leader with its latest and greatest advancements. However, it can also be read that they are dismissive of their recent random accelerator issues in their vehicles. That’s bad.

living room in a PC

I strangely feel a very strong connection to this living room in a computer. Perhaps it dates back to my years as a tech guy. Or maybe it’s my pack rat nature crying out. I do have an Apple G3 tower (circa 1999) that I absolutely refuse to toss because I want to convert it …

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