Month: July 2010

you did what?!

Recently the blog, 30-Year Old Cardboard, featured the 1972 Topps Traded card for HOF’er Steve Carlton. It cracks me up how Topps used the font “Stencil” for the word “TRADED” and they made the graphic extra large. It makes it seem like Carlton is like rotten eggs. Surely Carlton’s expression in the photo suggests that …

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word of the day: emanate

emanate I totally thought this word was spelled, “emminate” from the previous blog post. emanate   /ˈɛməˌneɪt/ Show Spelled [em-uh-neyt] Show IPA verb, -nated, -nating. verb (used without object) flow out, issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth; originate. verb (used with object) send forth; emit. (; audio also available)

circle house

circle house! circle house! circle house!It’s a beaut. Even the hardwood floors are installed so they emanate from the center of the home. My daughter would love running around this house. Villa NybergLocation: Borlnge, Swedenarchitects: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture (photo above copyrighted by the same)

hammer house

If I had a bunch of hammers or if I ran a hardware store, I would stack the hammers and make a sort of house out of them Lincoln-Log style.

dinosaur attack

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to worry about dinosaur attacks while we work in our office buildings, schools, stores and other places of employment.

Graf Zeppelin

I love this postcard of Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin. (How’s that for a name?) He is looking skyward at his beloved zeppelin airship.

Google Map Chicago

Head over to Google Maps and do a search for “Chicago“. That’s all. Just put in the word “Chicago“. The Google map ticker is placed at Fingerhut Bakery just west of Cermak and Halsted and within spitting distance of I-90/94. They’ve been around since 1895. From Fingerhut’s website: Proud supplier of the finest baked goods …

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