Month: June 2010

Clinton wearing Clinton mask

If an ber famous person wants some privacy in public, they should just wear a mask of themselves in public. Who would ever expect Bill Clinton to wear a Bill Clinton mask in public?

vending machine change

Never use exact change in a vending machine. You never know what coins will come your way when getting change from a vending machine. (Side note: I have never received a buffalo nickel from a vending machine, but it’d sure be sweet.)

beautiful stamp

I just purchased 110 two-cent Washington cancel-marked stamps (1894-1898) for $4.04 (shipping included) on ebay. It’s a wonderfully classic stamp. A stamp that surely today’s 2-cent stamp could learn from. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all them. They’ll find their way into a piece of art somehow. The obvious approach is to use …

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ugly and uglier stamps

How did a stodgy old dumpy lamp and the world’s ugliest necklace become subjects for the ONLY one and two cent stamps available for purchase from the United States Post Office? One and two cent stamps are so important because the Post Office is constantly raising prices and everyone is forced to use these incredibly …

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atoyot wrigley sign

The giant Toyota advertisement is now a fixture of Wrigley Field. The intent to build this ad was announced back in March and I blogged how it would look like a giant alien invading the park. Yes, the ad will look strange from inside the park, and it will also look very strange from the …

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Congrats, Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are the Stanley Cup champs! Hoist that big shiny metal salad bowl high! photo B.Cassella Chicago Trib (outlined by me)

dollar store find: ninja figures

ninjas. About 18 per pack for $1 at Dollar Tree, Villa Park, IL about three or four years ago. I couldn’t believe it and bought three packs and should have cleaned out the store of all their ninja figures. one of my greatest dollar store finds. higher-res photo over at flickr.

fake Optimus Prime

A few years ago I was able to score this fake Optimus Prime toy at the Dollar Tree. It was made in China and goes by the “brand” name Transformatrix. Where else can you get an Optimus Prime toy, fake or real, for only a buck? Only at Dollar Tree. More photos of this toy …

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