Month: May 2010

wider stadium seats

Just recently Oakland A’s pitcher, Dallas Braden, threw the 19th perfect game in Major League Baseball history. The attendance for that Sunday afternoon game in Oakland was a pathetic 12,228. Here’s a telling photo showing just how empty Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum was that day. I have a solution for small market teams having difficulties filling …

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white Post-It Notes

I can’t find 3×3″ white Post-It Note Pads anywhere. 3M offers all sorts of sissy colors, but no white. In fact, I’m really shocked at the extremely low color selections offered by 3M. Is yellow really that much of a standard? I want white.

book shaped hard drive

Western Digital’s book-shaped hard drives are rather commonplace on today’s market. However, Linus Berglund‘s bookbinded external hard drive really fits the bill. The gray linen cover is especially nice.

De Stijl in today’s world

It’s the final weeks of “Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World” at Tate Modern and I’m really wishing I’m in London right now. The De Stijl movement (flat planes of painted color with intersecting lines) has a completely different look and feel in today’s been-there-done-that world than it did when it …

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cool bridge

Here’s the Trestles Beach footbridge by Winchester-based Dan Brill Architects. Trestles Beach is the home to one of the world’s prime surf locations and accompanying marshlands home to several endangered species. The bridge is designed to have reduced impact on the sensitive area. And it just looks really cool.

traffic light etiquette

When sitting at a traffic light, please stop your car and remain in that position until the traffic starts moving when the light turns green. It drives me crazy when I stop after a car and then all of a sudden that car decides to pull up a full car length. Now I’m left looking …

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Proxxon mini belt sander

I’ve been sanding my deck the last couple weekends and I really could use a mini belt sander to get into the tight corners. My Makita orbital helped a great deal, but couldn’t get all the tight spots. It’s a great sander of which I’ll save for another blog post. A drum sander bit for …

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