Month: April 2010

Slave, you paint your chains

I love this quote from Louis Aragon. Time (and common sense) has proved that Aragon is on the wrong side of history, but the imagery he portrays with his quote is pure gold. “Slave, you paint your chains”-Louis Aragon attacking Fernand Leger for refusing to paint in a straightforwardly realist fashion and arguing that his …

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hollywood sign hotel

Christian BayJrgensen, owner of Bay Arch of Denmark, wants to turn the Hollywood sign into a hotel. It’s an intriguing idea, but his design stinks. He wants to double the size of the letters and make the sign as vanilla as possible. A huge part of the charm of the Hollywood sign is how the …

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backyard stone studio

In my previous post, I requested to have Olgga’s slick log cabin structure in my back yard as an artist studio. Now, I’m thinking I’d really like stone via Ensamble Studio’s La Trufa.

crazy roof

Roofs have always fascinated me. I regret never getting on the top of the Illinois Wesleyan University School of Art roof back in my college days, but I digress. My curiosity for roofs was further peaked (pun intentional) when I saw NL Architect‘s Blok K in Amsterdam. Now there’s some kind of roof!

Hadid’s Hague

Zaha Hadid’s proposal for the Dance and Music Center in the Hague reminds me of Matt Maldre’s photo of stacked cashmere at Nordstrom’s.

hotel of Dutch houses

Here’s the Inntel Hotel Zaandam, Netherlands, designed by WAM Architects. It’d be even cooler if the whole thing was made out of gingerbread.

Brewers uniforms terrible kerning

Whoever sews the names onto the Milwaukee Brewers uniforms needs a basic lesson in type setting. The kerning (space between letters) on their uniform names is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. Who is Ryan Br Aun? photo courtesy of Ge tty