Month: March 2010

aperture under f/1

I love low-light performance. Nowadays a large majority of my photogs involve indoor photographing of the fam. Our living room is quite dim. For my birthday, my parents bought me the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens. I love it. I borrowed my work’s 50mm f/1.4 lens previously, but I found that a 50mm lens …

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dyed clementines

Attention Chicago area produce buyers:Do not buy clementines at Dominick’s. I was peeling a clementine for my daughter and was disappointed to see the vibrantly artificial orange color of the inside peel. Shown above. I’m far from being any sort of produce critic, but this action certainly shocked me.

elastic window drapes: ugh

Who in their right mind would permanently display window drapes with elastic? If you like wearing dress pants with an elastic waistband, then by all means go ahead and buy window drapes with elastic. Target, I’m disappointed. Land of Nod, I’m really disappointed.

The Moon

Above is a 2 color representation of the previous post’s image. Technically, it’s 16 colors. The extra 14 gray colors are used to smooth out the gray circle.

ultimate umbrella

We see all sorts of technological advances in consumer products. I’m very disappointed googling “ultimate umbrella”. I want to be blown away by the world’s greatest umbrella.


Walls coming down half-way from the ceiling? whoa. I feel inclined to roll under the wall and escape. design by Suppose Design Office in Japan. Oh those Japanese.

Denmark housing

They just know how to build cool things in Denmark. Mountain Dwellings by BIG Architects with JDSman-made mountain complete with homes and underworld whole slew of incredible photos here