Month: March 2010

local libraries

I’m pretty fortunate to have so many easily accessible libraries. The Wheaton Public Library I frequent most. It’s a two-minute drive from work. It’s my lunch-time refuge. I realized a couple weeks ago that the Glen Ellyn Public Library is also a two-minute drive from work. Back in 1997/8 during my first post-college job, the …

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ebay stinks

Recently, ebay made a new price structure announcement. Imagine being an ebay store owner and it’s your job, your livelihood. It’s how you pay the bills and everything else. Now imagine opening up an email from ebay saying that if you want your insertion fees to stay about the same for all your store items, …

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smaller plates

On Tuesday, researchers announced their observation that the size of the plates shown in a collection of 50 Last Supper paintings has grown larger and larger through time from the year 1000 to present. About a year ago, I started eating some of my meals on salad plates. My logic was that it would look …

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a new kind of Polaroid film

On Monday, the Impossible Project (the people who rebuilt the Polaroid formula from the ground up) announced the availability of their instant film for Polaroid cameras. It won’t come cheap. Prices range from $18 to $35 a pack. They officially will be available Thursday, but Impossible is taking orders now and they’re selling quickly. Each …

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best scoreboard font

I was recently asked to put a custom message on a score board (or scoreboard depending on your spelling pref). The best solution I came across was the font, Times Square available for free download here. It was designed by Charles Minow in 1996. It’s a TrueType font, so it will work on both Macs …

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Alien Invades Wrigley Field!

The Cubs want to add a giant Toyota advertisement to Wrigley Field. World-class architectural critic, Blair Kamin, provides excellent insight into why it looks bad. Here’s the comment I left on Kamin’s blog post: The Toyota ad looks like an alien space ship perched on the edged of the bleachers. Because it’s a dimensional form …

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death star watermelon

Just how cool is that? You’ll have to visit the original photo to see my comment. I’m the one named “unlikelymoose”. Death Star watermelon by Silverisdead