Month: February 2010

amazing clouds

I’ve never seen clouds painted in such an intriguing fashion. Sylvain Louis-Seize is represented by Gallery Jones in Vancouver. That’s the same place that reps the neighbor post about James Nizam. CV statement from (I had to re-keystroke the statement, so I apologize for any typos): My recent body of work explores three landscape …

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drawers, doors, and lights and stuff

James Nizam takes multiples of drawers, doors, lights and stuff and arranges them in curious manners. shown above:Pillar of Shelveslightjet print60″ x 48″, edition of 5

Anna-Wili Highfield

incredible paper sculptures of birds, horses, turtles, and cows by Anna-Wili Highfield of Sydney, Australia.

drywallers love Cool Whip

You suppose drywall technicians really really like Cool Whip? I just hope they don’t misplace Cool Whip for joint compound when they are eating Angel Food Cake.

grey, not gray

I think I’m going to start using “grey” instead of “gray”. I feel more English that way.

do you like my top hat?

Allow me to introduce the Right Honorable Sir Francis Bacon, baron of Verulam, viscount of Saint Albans, Lord high chancellor of England. We need better a better honorific system in the States. “Mister” just isn’t as nice.

best halloween door ever

Saw this door at Sterling Auto Body in Lombard, IL. Best unintentional Halloween door ever. It’s some kind of utility closet located between the men’s and women’s restrooms. 816 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard – (630) 932-0943