Month: December 2009

millennium falcon bed

Any room that features a Millennium Falcon bed earns major geek cool points for sure. Though I would much rather have the bed be inside a Millennium Falcon. Sleeping on top of this famed “hunk of junk” seems a bit odd. This observation alone reminds me of the world’s ugliest couch.

cardboard high chair

Australian Anthony Dan designed this cardboard high chair that folds up! It looks really neat. Though “neat” is an interesting word because that’s something it won’t be after any toddler has one meal on this thing.

waiting your turn

There’s a lot of stop signs on my commute to work. My previous job had zero stop signs. So stop sign culture has been a daily part of my life for close to a year now. Everyone is supposed to stop and wait their turn to go through a stop sign. But there’s those people …

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crayon maker

A crayon maker sounds like fun. Though the description says that it uses a 60 watt bulb. If I would be paying 50 bucks for a crayon maker, I’d expect it to melt the crayons INSTANTLY. None of this easy-bake-oven-60-watt-bulb nonsense.

cantilever architecture galore

Cantilever this, cantilever that. Cantilevers seem to be everywhere in architecture these days. Here’s some more looks very recently from Yapı Kredi Bank; Istanbul, Turkey; TEGET Architectural Office Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia; Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects Axis Viana Hotel; Viana do Castelo, Portugal; VHM Chongqing, China; MAD Architects