Month: November 2009

sleepy owl

Continuing the owl theme from the previous post, here’s a sleepy owl stamp. It’s hand-carved by Jo in Singapore and can be yours for only $12.50 (shipping included). Not a bad price for an original piece. I like the sleepy owl. I feel like a sleepy owl right now even though I went to bed …

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Al Owl?

I just heard someone pronounce the name “Al” as “owl”. Odd. Or should I say owld?

Beatles photograph symbolism

I came across a photograph of the Beatles and I was struck by the extraordinary symbolism of their poses. They are spelling the word, “Kitak”. I never heard of such word. This is quite a mystery. It turns out that Kitak is in Khuzdar, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Check it out on Google Maps. There’s also some …

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dowel rod chair

Got 374 dowel rods, a miter saw, lots of sandpaper, glue and maybe some belt strapeners? Then maybe you can mimic Kibardin Design’s Deep Forest chair. Or you can simply plop down $6,500 for it.

armadillo backpack

It’s called the “Pangolin bag | Fair trade urban design backpack“. Its overlapping sections slide open. It’s made from recycled inner tubes from trucks. It’s 195 Euros. It looks like an armadillo to me, but it’s intended to look like a pangolin. After doing a Google Image search, I’ll agree with the pangolin comparison.

mail me a carrot

those crazy Brits. Someone mailed a carrot. I’m guessing the fella’s name is Alastair Levy, but I’m not 100% certain because I saw the image on a German site.

Tarnow Chapel has a feature on a new chapel in Tarnow, Poland. The architects are Beton (photos by Beton as well). A “well-know Polish writer” had the chapel built. It is constructed by “not very skilled workers” (as phrased on archdaily), so it’s design had to be very simple. I love how the timber beams and …

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