Month: November 2009

life-size moose

Previously I blogged about my wish to have a life-size wire-frame moose Christmas light decoration. I’ll take this life-size 6.5 foot resin moose. Who wants to give me $2,900 to buy it? Oh and shipping someone’s gotta pay to ship it from Louisiana to Illinois. $100 gift card

Mr and Mrs Eaves

Would you believe that there is an actual Mr Eaves? Yea, there is. So when Mr Eaves and Mrs Eaves have kids will they look humanist? Oh man, that’s font humor at its best. That’s so funny. Side note: Mr Eaves Sans Heavy Italic is AWESOME.

cool vintage menu design

It’s truly great when public institutions put extensive images of massive collections online. The United States Library of Congress is great and so is the British Library. Add the New York Public Library to that list with the Buttolph collection of menus. “What’s so special about menus?” you might ask. Just check them out and …

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Mind The Gap doormat

Mind The Gap doormat. $50 is too much for a doormat. I give you 20 dolla for Mind Gap mat. I still like my Chicago sewer cap doormat. Thanks, Kris!

wood cinder block

Sergio Silva‘s walnut cinder block is awesome. It’s 8″ x 8″ x 16″. I love the industrial power of cinder blocks and walnut is simply beautiful. Sergio could have done a much better job photographing his walnut cinder blocks. The light entering the background block is distracting and takes away from the rich elegance inherent …

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inside Google

Visit for a parody of how Google works. It’s clever cuz they flipped the Google homepage to give you Google’s perspective, but the rest is just weird. I’ll save you some time. It’s an old lady who whizzes around an old library with old book shelves, an old globe, an old ladder, and an …

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personalized portrait stamp

lovesprouts on etsy (maker of the sleepy owl from the previous blog post) sells customized mug shot stamps for only $16.50 (shipping included). Choose from 50 different portraits. The faces are all the same since they’re so simply stylized. The hair makes each portrait unique. Find the hair that best matches your look and choose …

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