Month: October 2009

V&A World Beach Project

The V&A in London (Victoria and Albert Museum) along with artist Sue Lawty is hosting the World Beach Project. Anyone and everyone can upload images of patterns made in the beach. As of this posting, there’s 765 photos. They range from rudimentary to campy to elegant. Chicago needs to represent. No photos from the Chicago …

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yoda tree topper

The Yoda Christmas tree topper is ready for pre-order ($40. ouch). I have no interest in buying one. I just want to see what this thing looks like on top of a Christmas tree. No where on the internet can I find such a photo. And I don’t want to invest the time to photoshop …

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world’s creepiest hard drive

Hide, kids! The LaCie 301435U 8 TB 4big Quadra eSATA/FireWire 800/Firewire 400/USB 2.0 RAID Hard Drive will use its giant blue cyclopic eyeball to penetrate your very soul.

whacked out ping pong table

I feel sorry for the guy in the middle. official name: Table Tennis Triples and Modular Table Tennis System inventor: Guenter Arndt (photo shown above. I could take him down. Guenter would be no match for me in a game of Table Tennis Triples and Modular Table Tennis System) official site for Table Tennis Triples …

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really bad stuff on Etsy

I love Etsy. It’s provided me with a nice platform to successfully sell my paintings. With that said, the folks at Etsy really should consider opening an off-shoot site for artists through invitation only. When I first joined Etsy in June 2007, it still was mostly urban craftsers and artists. A good majority of the …

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moose sculpture made from nails

artist: Bill SecundaHe makes animals out of nails. Ripley’s Believe It or Not owns one of his bison and moose. from Artist bio: As a young boy,Bill spent many hours watching a neighbor weld and fabricate heavy equipment.The welding process intriqued him. During welding classes, Bill would practice his welding techniques by turning lifeless …

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iphone wrist mount

I was trying to figure out what percentage of people can actually pull off wearing this thing (when not all geared up on a motorcyle). My guess is 0%. Any single human being walking around with this thing on their wrist is going to look incredibly stupid. Place this iPhone wrist mount in the same …

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lens bisection

sweet German lens bisection. photo by Charlie Sorrel (link to Charlie’s twitter) of Wired gagdgetlab via a June 2008 post on boingboing.I found this image doing a google image search for library desk cubicles. location of bisected German lens: Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin