Month: October 2009

multi-function buttons mouse

I actually wouldn’t mind having a mouse like the OpenOfficeMouse. It’s built for the opensource software, OpenOffice, but I like the concept behind it. Sure, it’s incredibly ugly with its awkward color combo of teal buttons, white body, and black wire, but more buttons means the more I can swiftly accomplish. The one button clicking …

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Star Wars library invasion

View the full photo. I like how several of the Star Wars character have their weapons drawn (Storm Trooper, Snow Trooper, Boba Fett, and the black pilot dude). They seem to sense the force within that room. Perhaps the black and yellow tape on the floor is the only thing from stopping one of those …

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cool wood backpack

I dig this wood backpack found on The carrier is from Sweden which adds to its allure. Though it has to be pretty heavy. But check out those gate hinges. Anything with gate hinges is pure awesomeness.

world’s largest treehouse

The world’s largest treehouse. It has the characteristics of a treehouse. There’s a giant tree (80 feet tall with 12 foot diameter) growing through it. So I guess it’s still a treehouse. 8,000 square feet11 stories, 97 feet talllocated in Crossville, Tennessee

tabletop states

I like tabletop states. WA, MT, ND, CA, NV, UT, CO, WY, SD, NS, OK, NM, AZ, IA, MO, IL, AK, LA, MS, AL, TN, IN, GA, NC, PA represent. All you other states can learn a thing or two from the tabletops. Larger viewable image at my Flickr.

i’m featured

My “Gray Monkey 262” sculpture is part of a feature on in which Curator Beatrice compares me to sculptor, Charles Simonds. Do a Google Image search and you’ll get a taste of his work of which I am flattered to be mentioned in his company.

disc versus disk comparison

Apple has a new Support Article explaining the difference between a “disk” and a “disc”. Basically a “disc” is a CD or DVD. A “disk” is a magnetic drive like an internal/external hard drive or floppy. Bam. Now you know.

broken smashed vinyl record

I like the visual of a broken, destroyed, smashed vinyl record. I don’t like how it’s associated with the term “he sounds like a broken record”. Such cultural associations often frustrate me as an artist. Image above manipulated from original photo by Lillybet Magdalena of Flickr via Creative Commons License.

more on the V&A

When in London 4 years ago, my wife and I visited the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). It actually wasn’t one of the big highlights of our trip. In just about any other city it would be the #1 museum, but there’s so many things to see and do in London that the V&A didn’t …

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