Month: September 2009

last week of baseball

So we’re in the last week of regular season baseball. If this blog post is completely boring you, then think about how exciting baseball will be one year from now when the Cubs are preparing for the playoffs and World Series victory. It’s just one… short… year… away.

laminator for art

I don’t need this. That’s what I’m try to convince myself. It’s a laminator. $80 at Office Max. A 100 pack of 7 mil laminate sleeves is $13 (13 cents each not including shipping). I could laminate things together and sell them as postcards in my etsy shop. POST UPDATE: I previously had a link …

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incredible stadium design

Here’s the proposed design for the new Dalian Shide football stadium in China.architect: NBBJ There’s more beautiful renderings and illustrations on archdaily’s site. I love how the grand staircase leads up to a full view of the playing field as shown in the detail above.

when is it art?

A couple days ago a friend left a comment on one of my blog posts asking, “when exactly does something become art?” Here’s my response. When does something become art? it’s very simple actually. Whenever someone wants it to be. That’s really it. I don’t believe in being definitive in declaring something art and something …

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35mm film canister camera

It’s a camera shaped like a canister of 35mm film that actually uses 35mm film. I gotta have this. Look at the bottom image of the camera’s open backside and you get a better sense of just how ridiculously enormous this thing actually is. It’s only $20, but there’s apparently only one place that sells …

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results from my free 35mm roll

Yesterday Walgreens offered free developing and prints from one roll of 35mm film as mentioned in the blog post from yesterday. During my lunch break yesterday I took about 24 abstract out-of-focus photographs in downtown Wheaton. It was a lot of fun. Performing a specific photographic exercise really opens the eyes to see environments in …

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