Month: August 2009

most pathetic person EVER

I love reaction photographs of crowds at sporting events. Check out this photo of Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz trying reach a foul ball in the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009, in Atlanta. Photo from AP. You got the guys in the back looking on in awe. The dude on …

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NG House / Arquitectos Anonimos

I wouldn’t mind working in this building. nice materials, nice design, big giant window. Architects: Arquitectos Annimos, Maria Veloso and Vasco AragoLocation: St. Tirso, Portugal

van hack

Saw this Chevy Van 30 hack in the parking lot of Sears Essentials, Elmhurst, IL. Half van. Half truck. 100% fun.

Tokyo loves analog cameras

The Japanese, oh the Japanese. There’s a tumblr blog where someone just walks around Toyko taking photos of people’s analog (non-digital) cameras. There’s 300+ photos and counting. The image above is a Nikon FE. I’d say Nikon is the most common. Leica is perhaps second. Canon is right up there. Mamiya and Contax are well-represented. …

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neck warmers in August?

BoingBoing Gadgets has a post about rechargeable neck warmers. August is most certainly the most wrong time to be posting about rechargeable neck warmers, but that’s the nature of the retail apparel seasons, right? They always like to be one season ahead of the times to screw everything up. So, this rechargeable neck warmer thing …

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