Month: July 2009

CA-190 route

View Larger Map Continuing my drive through Death Valley via Google Maps Street View, I was quite surprised that highway CA-190 seems to go through a Chevron gas station. Go figure. Those Google Maps guys!

Death Valley story

View Larger Map So I was cruising through Death Valley on Google Maps Street View because I can. The scenery is actually quite interesting. Yet besides that I did come across an interesting site. A large white van was stopped at a small side road. The only sign at the entrance to this road is …

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Moloch Horridus

Let’s continue the desert theme. Meet the Moloch Horridus. I’m not giving his common name because I don’t want to receive weird spam messages from spambots. It lives in the Outback of Australia. My first reaction was that he looked just like a Decepticon from Transformers. It turns out that the Moloch Horridus is one …

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sliding rocks

Curious what results would pop up on Google Image for a search on “rocks” resulted in my confrontation with the sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park. has a great write-up of this phenomenon (also of which the image above can be attributed). Rocks weighing several hundred pounds slide across the …

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Obama’s gym shoes

Last week before the MLB All Star Game, the official White House photographer snapped this photo of President Barack Obama warming up for the ceremonial first pitch of the game. I really need a new pair of gym shoes and I want to purchase the same pair that Pres. Obama wears. However, I can’t pinpoint …

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John Calvin’s birthday party hat

About two weeks ago was John Calvin’s 500th birthday (July 10, 1509). has a blog post celebrating this and accompanying the post is the image shown above. I love it. More info on John Calvin can be found at

OLED-only clock

Vadim Kibardin’s Black & White clock is really slick. He’s looking for a manufacturer now. It’d be great to see something like this in Target, meaning that it will be affordable for the masses, instead of some snobby design shop, meaning that it will be overpriced and seen only in the homes of Madam Moneybags. …

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