Month: June 2009

image sensor sizes chart

Quality of digital photographs are determined by four major factors:1. image sensor size and quality2. lens optics3. megapixels4. processing core These are placed in order of importance. Yea, image sensors and lens optics are that important. I have never seen a good illustration comparing the basic image sensors so I put one together. There’s also …

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That’s so Russian

cartophilia mentions the conflict between Russia and Canada over claims to the North Pole. Accompanying the post is a great map illustrating the conflicted region. Back in 1997, Russia sent a mini-submarine 14,000 ft to the Arctic Ocean seabed to plant a rust-proof titanium metal flag at the North Pole. I love Canada’s response: “This …

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dump musical notes, descriptive words better

Musical notation seems to have worked for the business of making music for hundreds of years now. But I’d like to scrap that system and use descriptive words instead. Here’s the first piece in the Maldre Descriptive Words Music System: Oomp Oomp, dum, dum, whack, dum, dum, dum, oomp, omp, smash

clouds on Google Maps

I was looking at a map of the outlying suburbs of Chicago. I noticed a town far southwest of Chicago called Paw Paw. Of course I had to zoom in closer and “visit” the town of Paw Paw and see what’s happening. Sadly the folks at Google Maps decided to photograph Paw Paw on a …

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my ebay store is closed!

HE GONEFour years ago I opened my ebay store. On Friday, June 5, 2009 I closed my ebay store. WHAT HAPPENED?!What was the cause for this decision? Back around February of 2008 ebay made a major change. They changed the default search results to be sorted by “best match” rather than “ending soonest”. This way …

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priority mail stamps

Yesterday, specific benefits of shipping USPS Priority Mail were given. Now, here’s something you can do to spice up your Priority Mail box. Use a $4.95 stamp instead of the ugly, plain-jane barcodes that the Post Office prints off. I’m not sure how much using a stamp instead of a barcode sticker will slow down …

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