Month: June 2009

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

I went “walking” around London a few days ago via Google Maps Street View and I came across an interesting storefront about 1 mile west of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Funny thing is that I tried to revisit the location again just now and Street View doesn’t go down that street any more. What first intrigued …

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super duper incredible zoom

The other day I was complaining about Nikon’s digital SLR lineup. I’ve been so disillusioned that I’ve even considered going to the Four Thirds format. Though I’m not sure how incredibly fantastic a semi-compact SLR would be for me. Sure it’d be idea on vacations, but big vacation plans aren’t really in my future. Besides, …

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best-looking sports uniform

It’s been tough watching the Cubs lose the last two close games against the Detroit Tigers. Despite the outcome of the games, I really have enjoyed this series thus far for one simple reason. The Detroit Tigers have the best uniforms in all sports. Simply the very definition of classic. Their home uniforms feature pure …

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