Month: April 2009

sliced architecture

Nestl Application Group Quertaro by Rojkind Arquitectos Plenty of photos at The more photos I see, the more impressive this complex is.

walking around London

After I posted yesterday’s map of where the ancient glass bowl was found, I took a little walk with Google around London. It’s fun using Google Maps to walk around great cities (even though the interface is a little sluggish.) This photo caught my eye. It’s a blonde woman in a red and white dress …

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how to cure stomach pain

This weekend I was experiencing a terrible stomach ache. Want a good cure for stomach pains? Head over to ebay and bid on an item that’s about to close. The adrenaline rush will cure your stomach ache, especially if you get into a bidding war. Bidding wars are always exciting. I actually won two items. …

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Chewbacca Topps card

Ok, one more Chewbacca post. You can buy the 1977 Topps Star Wars 4-Color Film Positive #298 on ebay. There’s four days left in the auction and it’s up to $21.71 (ouch). When I saw this item, I was reminded of something that I completely forgot about when I was making all the previous Chewbacca …

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This sticker is now at the United States Post Office in Villa Park, Illinois for you to look at and ponder. It’s next to the Automated Postal Service machine (or at least it was there a few days ago). Somehow I think poop and the Post Office are a terrible, terrible combination; just a very …

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chewbacca hat

ok, this is the last one. Own your very own Chewbacca hat for only $40! The description says it was a McDonald’s toy offer in Mexico.

chewbacca santa hat

It’s the original Chewbacca action figure. I have mine somewhere. But I don’t think he’s wearing a snazzy santa hat. via amyhartbreaker on Flickr

chewbacca paper toy

This is one of the best representations of Chewie that I’ve found. A lot of the stuff out there is nicht so gut. via ymajik on Flickr