Month: March 2009

cargo container origami

“Container Origami”by Wouter Roeterink, Ron Nout,Femke Bijlsma and Allard Roeterink welded by Vincent Petit I love art that takes recognizable objects and transforms them into something else forcing us to re-evaluate how we view and approach objects and our surroundings. photos of the construction of this amazing “folded” 40ft cargo container beast here. This was …

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how true #2

from modern art = I can do that + yeah, but you didn’t I want that tattooed on my forehead though I suppose me doing that would be more postmodern than modern.

newly discovered species

I don’t do enough blogging about science and our planet. Yesterday Conservation International announced that they discovered 50 new species including “jumping spiders, a tiny chirping frog and an elegant striped gecko” during the Kaijende Highlands Expedition in Papua New Guinea. Check out 12 photos from the expedition here. The photos are mostly spiders. One …

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Barnes & Noble price gougers

I’m interested in purchasing, “The Book Publishing Industry, Second Edition” in paperback. So I did some comparison shopping and I was shocked at the practices of Barnes and Noble. The book retails for $29.95. Amazon has it for $23.36. has it for $29.95. Then there’s They’re selling it for $40.45 to their members …

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cardboard machines

Here’s another sculpture from TRANSVERSALE 2009. It’s one of the “cardboard machine” sculptures from design students at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. via core77

british library ruler

It is my great desire to have a British Library souvenir ruler. However, I have yet to come across such an item. If anyone can locate an authentic British Library ruler, please leave a comment. Thank you.