Month: January 2009

super bowl XLIII logo

While I was job hunting, I came across, the website for one of the world’s juggernaut branding agencies. They designed the Super Bowl XLIII logo. It’s rather appropriate that I came across this page a day before the Super Bowl. They offer up some insight into the logo. Here’s a snippit: The Super Bowl …

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Cardinals Ravens logo

If only the Ravens defeated the Steelers for the AFC Championship. I played around with the Ravens’ and Cardinals’ logos before the NFC and AFC Championship games hoping the Super Bowl would be the Baltimore Ravens and the Arizona Cardinals.

3″ wood discs

I was looking for 3″ wood discs that are at least 0.25″ thick. I found the secret keyword to search on the internet. It took me a while to find it. I searched craft supply stores, woodworking stores, and ebay. I searched for discs, disks, circles, and toys and the biggest size is 2.25″. Home …

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fantasy football winnings

Here’s my wad of cash that is my fantasy football championship winnings. It’s mostly two dollar bills. I had it rolled up like this and realized it made the letter “e” for “erik”. flickr has the higher-res version.

screen tinter for Mac OS X

Looking to tint the screen on your Mac, but find that the lowest brightness setting is still too bright? May I suggest Screen Shades. It’s freeware. More information is available at It’s really a simple application. You can choose from 4 default colors (gray, blue, yellow, and pink) or you can create your own …

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today history is made

Today Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. I grew up in an America that showed little love for politics and its Presidents. That all changed when Barack Obama ran for President. He has electrified our nation in a way never remotely seen since the Kennedy …

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