Month: December 2008

take a bite out of a tomato

My wife and I had tacos for dinner. While I was cleaning up, I took a quarter piece of one of the tomatoes (not sure what kind of tomato i was) and popped it in my mouth. It was a taste explosion. I suggest you try it with a nice, ripe tomato some time soon.

expanding bookshelf

There’s been a number of things that this blog has been a sucker for. Innovative bookshelves is one of them. Here’s another brilliant piece. It’s the REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong. Surely the aesthetics is something to behold. The shelf completely closed is striking. However, the functionality of the REK in its “closed” stage …

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spy angle lens

I admire the work of the likes of Walker Evans and Robert Frank. But I always feel awkward taking photographs of strangers in public. Enter the “Super-Secret Spy Lens“. Yea, that’s the name. kinda dorky. I’m a little suspect of how this attachment will effect quality. But in the end, it may be a truly …

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100th sale on Etsy

Hey, hey! I just made my 100th sale on (The 100th sale item is shown above. It’s Massachusetts.) I joined Etsy almost 18 months ago. In the last month I’ve sold 26 paintings and 3 prints. Not bad. My maps on a stick series is gaining good momentum. Of course this spike in sales …

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Yes, I’ve fallen victim to backblogging quite a bit in the past few months. Rest assured I have new posts scheduled for at least the remainder of the week and even going into next week. So if you’re a faithful follower, you can look forward to new posts popping up on time each weekday.

the perfect Christmas gift

How does 4,000 gummi bears sound? 30 pounds of Christmas joy waiting to be shared. Only $95.63. gulp. I wonder what a pile of 4,000 gummi bears looks like. This idea was inspired from core77’s link to 2,340 lollipops for 54 bucks.