Month: December 2008

camera warmer

It’s advertised as a hand warmer. But anyone who photographs in the cold of winter will appreciate how this device will keep their camera equipment warm and not frozen. $65 (and it’s from the great nation of Japan).

another great Christmas tradition

It’s a chore, but I do rather enjoy slicing up cardboard boxes with a fresh mat knife after Christmas. I feel like Samurai Santa. If anyone knows where I can purchase the comic book, Samurai Santa, please let me know.

slick london bus design

Aston Martin and Foster + Partners won a competition for a new bus design for London, but their bus isn’t as nice as the 2nd place bus by miarro garca, hctor serrano studio and javier esteba (more photos here). Most of the design blogs I check seem to agree and are featuring the garcia/serrano/esteba bus.

The Christmas Lights Monster

Visit my Flickr page to see outtakes from my 2008 Christmas card. The actual card that was mailed out is shown above. This year’s card features the little known Christmas Lights Monster. He’s the one that makes it impossible for you to straighten out your Christmas lights when they are tangled up in twisted up …

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Borders Oak Brook

Did you know that the Borders Oak Brook is the first Borders in the Chicago area? It opened in August 1989. That’s my Borders! I worked for 10 years in an office building about a block away. It was nice going there during lunch. I can’t leave this blog post without linking to how Borders’ …

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the BEST Transformers video ever

Oh oh oh! I am so incredibly geeked out by this video. It’s incredible. The sound effects, the felt Prime, the voice, the quote, the environment, everything is so incredibly awesome. I love it, love it, love it. mad props to Matt Maldre for sharing this video with me via Facebook