Month: November 2008

broccoli makes me angry

It’s accepted knowledge that different foods can change your mood. However, I’d like to see foods take this notion to the extreme. For example, I’d like to get really really angry the second I eat broccoli. This tactic would be helpful when dealing with someone that’s trying to give you the shaft. You pop in …

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rubber and cement

Rubber cement. I haven’t used it in years. (My last two jobs used spray mount exclusively). I just used it on my wife’s birthday card. Rubber cement is fun. And don’t start thinking about the ways you can get high from it. I really don’t care about that. First, the name is very cool. Rubber …

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magnet shoes

Whatever you do, don’t wear magnet shoes when walking downtown, especially over bridges.

The story behind November 11

11/11. Today tells a story like no other day. To me it’s a view of two people’s legs. And there’s a wall falling down on one of the persons.

flat light bulb

from designboom: flat bulb is designed by korean designer joonhuyn kim. unlike ordinary bulbs its volume is 1/3 smaller, reducing the cost of packaging and transport. its slim shape allows bulbs to be easily stacked and prevents breakage as it does not roll. his work was on display as part of 100% design tokyo. I …

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who does Obama remind you of?

Reverend Eugene Rivers summed it up well yesterday on MSNBC: “What’s remarkable to me as i listen to the (acceptance) speech, there were two historical figures that came to mind. Number one I thought of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because Roosevelt was a cool operator. And Obama’s got a whole nother kind of cool. So you …

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President-elect Obama

I like the sound of that… President-elect Barack Obama. World history was made in Chicago on November 4, 2008 at Grant Park. And I was there for it. Barack Obama had just been elected President of the United States of America and he was making his acceptance speech at Grant Park. I was among the …

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