Month: November 2008

Menards guy big

Just because I know you wanted it. Above is the Menards favicon blown up to 350 by 350 pixels. Enjoy and Merry early Christmas to you… from MENARDS!

chicken heads

Watch this video and you’ll learn that chickens can keep their heads perfectly still in the same spot even if they move around.

zipper wallet?

Christmas is around the corner and my duct tape wallet has seen better days. I need a new wallet. I’ve done some research on and the Victorinox Zip Around Wallet (black) ($28) intrigues me. I used to carry around an ultra-ultra slim 1 GB memory card in my wallet until it fell out and …

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super-thin OLED screen

A couple weeks ago Samsung unveiled a 0.05 mm thin OLED screen. Samsung calls it the “flapping” display because it’s so pliable. Imagine how such advancements will revolutionize advertising and industry design once the costs become affordable.

Eames plywood elephant

In addition to being pioneers of 20th century industrial design, Charles and Ray Eames also designed a plywood elephant. I didn’t know that!

cute comic strip

“My Cardboard Life” is a mildly amusing comic strip that chronicles the life of a person made out of two scraps of cardboard. File that under, “why didn’t I think of that”.