Month: September 2008

ok, so you’re taller

Just about two years ago I posted how the Sears Tower is really the tallest building in the world. My argument could be easily explained in the graphic accompanying that post. Petronas is clearly not taller. Its spires are really just antennas. Taipei 101 has a stupid tiny-a55 pod that somehow makes it taller, but …

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zoom lens coffee mug

I want one of these. Sign me up. What? It’s just a concept? Nuts. It’d be a pain to wash anyways and I don’t drink coffee. via yoc2008 and gizmodo.

head for cover

Check out Rem Koolhaas’ latest building coming to 23 East 22nd Street in New York City. It certainly is a controversial building for one simple reason. It looks like it’s going to tip over. I’m not so sure that constitutes itself as good architecture. I appreciate Koolhaus challenging the norm, but I’m glad it’s not …

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when I turned 10

On my 10th birthday (November 20, 1985) Microsoft released Windows 1.0. weird. has a nice overview of Windows 1.0. Scroll down to the header that says, “Windows 1.0 ‘No Threat’”. It’s interesting to know that Windows 1.0 had a dock 15-some years before Apple introduced it in OS X.

wait a minute

Hey, the Olympics aren’t over yet! The Paralympic Games in Beijing are going on right now! has some great photographs (36 in all). I’m really disappointed that there’s no television coverage.

duct tape or blue tape?

There’s much lore and fame associated with duct tape. There’s the duct tape prom dresses, duct tape tuxedos, babies duct taped to the wall, and of course duct tape wallets (of which I am an owner.) However, I find myself using blue painter’s tape far more often than duct tape. It’s so versatile. It can …

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1970s & 80s cookie monster

The Sesame Street Muppets from the 1970s and early 80s are so much better than the Sesame Street Muppets of today. The 70s/80s Muppets have more human characteristics. They having a charming sarcastic tone while the Muppets today are always happy-go-lucky boring duds.