Month: September 2008

new server!

I switched servers for this site. My previous host,, decided to shut down my blog because of issues on the server end. They plugged the plug without giving me any previous notice. So I decided to pull the plug on olm. My brother Matt has been invaluable in getting this site switched over to …

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old logo | new logo

Brand New, a division of offers up quick-hitting, smart, fun, well-thought-out reviews of rebranded logos while always providing a before and after image. Recently they reviewed the revised Ford Mustang emblem. The subtle changes are great. I’m sure the designers were sensitive to the beloved history of the Ford Mustang and didn’t take the …

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iPass goofiness

Recently I received an email from the folks at Illinois iPass stating that my account was running low and it would need to be replenished soon. My most recent job has not required that I drive on the tollway, so I rarely have used my iPass. I tried throwing $10 into my account and got …

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not cool

Can someone please show this website to Sarah Palin? Oh, and let her know that it’s a NASA website. Yea, NASA. As in a U.S. government site. The site features four maps that you can manual slide to see co2 emissions throughout time, the rise in global temperatures, the amount of ice melt from the …

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new penny designs for 2009

Abraham Lincoln is turning 200 in 2009. To celebrate there will be four new penny designs. It’ll be fun to see portraits of a younger Lincoln in currency form. We’re so accustomed to seeing Abe with a beard. Though the Illinois state quarter already featured a young Lincoln, but the Illinois state quarter design is …

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console war badges

I think I spent enough of my junior high and high school years playing the original Nintendo console to earn a Console War Badge. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without Mario, Luigi, the National League squad on RBI Baseball, and the countless 8-bit wonders of this world. via boingboing

Yankee Stadium in LEGO

The last time the Yankees were not in the playoffs I was just starting college. That was 15 years ago. Maybe this giant Yankee stadium LEGO sculpture should feature Derek Jeter making another terrible play at short.

carlos zambrano no-hitter replay

Watch Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter in its entirety tonight at 10 p.m. on WGN! btw, cubs magic number: 2. Cubs win today and Brewers lose, then the cubs clinch the division and are one step closer to world series championship fame, glory and honor.

world’s ugliest checks

Why are the options for check backgrounds always so terrible and obnoxious and just plain ugly? My wife and I need to purchase new checks. I suggested we get the ugliest checks ever. Can anyone find checks more ugly than these Blue Jean Teddy check backgrounds? Please do share.