Month: August 2008

rowing and water bottles

On Saturday I watched Estonia win the silver in the Double Sculls Men (rowing) on NBC. 1. Australia David Crawshay/Scott Brennan 6:27.772. Estonia Tonu Endrekson/Juri Jaanson 6:29.053. Great Britain Matthew Wells/Stephen Rowbotham 6:29.10 Estonia won silver by 1/20 second in a 6.5 minute race! They were going back and forth with the UK for the …

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definitive evidence

How about that 100 meter butterfly men’s final race? Michael Phelps won his 7th gold tying Mark Spitz for the most golds won in one Olympics. We all knew we were witnessing history as this race began. And we all said, “oh no!” as the race finished thinking Michael Phelps finished second. But the replay …

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drooling over cameras

Yesterday Michael Phelps won his 10th career Olympic gold medal. That’s the most ever by an individual. Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, Paavo Nurmi and Larissa Latynina have nine. Congrats to Michael. What a historic moment. However, I was more excited when NBC showed all the cameras in the media section before Phelps’ historic 200m butterfly …

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blog comments not working

Currently the comments left on this blog are not showing up. I’m looking into this problem and hope to have a solution soon. (and the nav bar is acting a bit funky as well).

drip clips

I’m digging Fred and Friends’ website. Yesterday, I blogged about Fred’s “Peace of Cake“. I’m a fan of Fred’s “drip clips“, too. They also sell the tinsel tape and manhole mats previously covered on this blog.