Month: August 2008

quote from The Wise Daddy

“Do not crawl under the table when you are frustrated for you will bump your head leading to further frustration.” -erik maldre, 2008, The Wise Daddy(when reading the quote, it is preferred to be read in the wise daddy accent)

obama! obama! obama!

I just watched Barack Obama’s Democratic Party nominee acceptance speech. I stand by the idea that he will be a great leader of this nation. It was a powerful speech that directly confronted his opponents and also celebrated the American spirit. Obama will bring back hope to this nation and the world. poster by Shepard …

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full-size landspeeder

A full-size Star Wars landspeeder. I don’t think I’d want to own one (Where would I put it?) But I’d love to take it for a drive. It can go 25 mph.

10 camera hacks profiles ten fun camera hacks. The list includes a meteor shower capturing rig, a camera that creates the most redeye possible, a russian matchbox camera, a kite-flown camera, a paper SLR camera, and more. Which is my favorite. I love the irony of a paper SLR. The matchbox camera is great, but nothing new. …

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who wants to be a weatherman?

I was looking up jobs and somehow I came across a job posting for an On-Air Meteorologist (WGN-TV CLTV). Could I be a weatherman? Maybe not after reading the job requirements. DescriptionPurpose: Responsible for the preparation and presentation of the weather segments and associated computer weather graphics for broadcast on CLTV and WGN-TV. Must be …

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i miss the Olympics

So the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics are over. It was a fun ride. What will I miss the most? I always enjoy the short 10 second segments of aerial footage around the Olympic venues and around the city with Olympic music in the background. I think that’s been my favorite part of the Olympics since …

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who is it? #4

fun with the OlympicsWho is it? Click here for the answer. There’s a hint in the comments section.

who is it? #2

Here’s a fun new series that honors the 2008 Summer Olympics. Guess who is in the blurred photo. Click here for the answer.