Month: July 2008

Nikon D90 coming?

Nikon has scheduled a press event September 3rd. Many are saying Nikon will upgrade the popular Nikon D80. I’d seriously wet my pants if the D90 has instant capture LivePreview with an articulating LCD. I’ve been waiting about 5 years for that. I might end up waiting another 5 years. Fingers crossed on September 3rd. …

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world’s largest penny

Woodruff, Wisconsin lays claim to the world’s largest penny. This penny commemorates a 1953 fundraising event where children donated 1.7 million pennies to build a hospital in Woodruff. image and story courtesy of

Lou Pinella statue

copyright Cincinnati Enquirer, 1990 I just can’t get over how the Cubs just keep winning and winning and winning. They have yet to get into a serious funk and it’s almost the All-Star break. This is a really special team. I want a Lou Pinella statue in my backyard and I want it to be …

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portfolio days

The last few weeks I have been entrenched in the process of updating my portfolio (making tons of pdfs). I’ve been working on new ideas on how to make my book original. I have nothing against the standard black book or the aluminum cases, but I like to make something unique. My last portfolio was …

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random architect profile

Here’s a new series. I search the internet for lists of architects and I share a quick look at an architect that I’m not familar with. Ieoh Ming Pei He designed The Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France. Cool. You’re familar with that. I’m familar with that. But I didn’t know Ieoh Ming Pei …

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d700 is a spicy pizza

This isn’t going to be a fancy review like other ones I have done, but I sure wish it could be. That’d mean that I would have the brand spanking new Nikon D700 in my very hands. You’ll have to go to for a detailed review. The idea of having a 12 megapixel Nikon …

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Darth Vader bobblehead

Here’s a clever bobblehead. Darth Vader peers down on you from a perched location. Most people will put him atop their computer screens. Boring. The higher the location you can find to put Vader, the better. He’d look awesome on the top of the china cabinet in my dining room, but I don’t think that …

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