Month: May 2008

way cool

Do I buy this? $8 with free shipping being sold directly from Topps. It’s a card from the 1979 Incredible Hulk movie. What makes this particular ebay item unique is that it includes an original black plate separation print which it’s neat to see being an art director. I still remember years ago seeing a …

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my second purchased piece of art

Yesterday I purchased my second piece of art ever (shown above). It was only $6.20 including shipping. It was incredibly difficult to pass up for that price. I give a review of the painting over at my other blog, link

sportflics wall

Remember the old Sportflics baseball cards from the mid 1980s? They were the cards that had three different photos overlapping each other. As you move the card, you could see each photo. The industry term is actually “lenticular”. I think it would be great to have an entire wall of Sportflics cards. As you walk …

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flickr rocks

“Erik Maldre, freelance photographer for Lonely Planet Publications” “Andrea Maldre, freelance photographer for Lonely Planet Publications”“Erik Maldre, freelance art director for Lonely Planet Publications” How’s that sound for a title? It’s a bit of a stretch from reality, but technically it’s true. I received an email from the Permissions Coordinator at Lonely Planet Publications asking …

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redoing railings

Wanna improve your poker game? Chisel the paint off a metal porch railing, then sand, prime and paint it.