Month: May 2008

Tim Russert Sandwich

Leftovers for dinner. What to eat? I grabbed a hot dog bun, petite red potatoes, and potato chips and the Tim Russert sandwich was born. When I gave this sandwich its name I thought the potatoes were Russert potatoes, but my wife corrected me. The name of this sandwich remains the same just because. I …

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corkboard mac

file under: why didn’t i think of that. It’s a Powerbook taken apart and reassembled onto a corkboard complete with thumbtacks holding up the components. The corkboard Mac. thanks,

huge ceiling clock

I’m really digging It’s helping me catch up with blog posts for the last week of May. Here’s a giant ceiling clock.

Bo Knows

via gearfuseI’m pulling the following quote from gearfuse, because I think it’s hilarious: “The above video of the classic NES game Tecmo Bowl is not rigged with any Game Genies or codes. What you see is former Raiders powerhouse Bo Jackson. Bo may have ended his career in football with a tackle that screwed up …

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Bud Light Lime commercial song music

The song on the new Bud Light Lime commercial is “Creator” by Santogold. You can listen to the entire song here. About 14 seconds into the song has a wicked high-pitch, fast paced, video game sound to it. IT’S A-W-E-S-O-M-E-! Unfortunately, this rip doesn’t get much sound time in the rest of the song.

U.S. flag Pantone colors

Want to know the official Pantone colors of the United States flag? It’s Pantone 186 and Pantone 288. According to United States Embassy Stockholm:The U.S. Government Printing Office specifies Pantone 186 and 288 for the red and blue colors of the United States flag, but Pantone specifies Pantone 193 and 281. Other sources specify Pantone …

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that’s a dash up there. It could be a magic carpet for internet ants as well.

Dan Gottesman photography

Check out this awesome photograph taken by Dan Gottesman of the Northern Lights in Alaska. Dan’s a buddy I worked with years ago. He taught me many things about computers back in the day. I was his Mac padawan. Actually, I consider the photo below to be a classic example of Dan Gottesman photography. Years …

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