Month: April 2008

best font ever

I’m not sure if Kevin Royden designed this font or if he just posted it on his tumblr from elsewhere on the internet, but I am in the camp that believes this is the BEST FONT EVER.

Chicago Cougar

So you probably heard about the cougar that was shot dead by police in the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago. The big topic of debate has been whether it was necessary to kill the cougar. I don’t think that’s issue at hand. I’m offended by the quotes provided by the police at the scene. They …

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baby’s first word

If my next baby (and there’s no second baby coming yet) is a boy, I’m going to work on getting him to make his word to be “nunchucks”.

listen to “free” music

Check out before it gets taken down. You can listen online to others’ “mixes” of songs. FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE. There’s no mess of worrying about downloading files. You just click and listen. senorwizard’s page is purely ai-ightly tight.. It’s the first link that I clicked on and the only mix that I’ve listened …

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public transit logos

a ton of public transit logos via coo. However the Chicago and Chicagoland’s Metra is not represented. Just the CTA.They also have a small collection of views from different trains around the world. Chicago has three photos. Oh, and photos of stations, too.

wrestler 50th victory

I am happy to announce that I have achieved my 50th victory in Facebook’s Wrestler game. The win came against none other than my brother Matt Maldre, aka Stegosaurus Smash. This victory has added meaning because I dropped Stego’s record below .500. ***Insert evil laugh*** We were going back and forth rather consistently throughout the …

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get your own package

My wife had an open snack bag of 100 calorie Mister Salty Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels sitting on the couch. I took a peek inside the bag and my wife said, “get your own package”. I replied, “why are you calling me a ‘bitch’?” She said, “what!?!” I said, “You said ‘Get your own bag, …

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paper finger puppet candidates

Download, print, and construct your very own finger puppets of U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. What happened to poor Barack’s ears?