Month: April 2008

Mars buys Wrigley

Today’s headlines declare that candy monster,Mars is buying fellow candy monster, Wrigley for 22 billion dollars. There’s been a big stir the last few months about Trib owner, Sam Zell, selling the naming rights to Wrigley. I always felt that Wrigley got free pub for having Cubs park keep their namesake since the Wrigley family …

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magnetic shelf

here’s a fun shelf that sticks to your wall with magnets. makes a good point in that any sort of electronics including “VHS tapes, cassettes, reel-to-reels and floppy disks” would be a bad idea to keep on the shelf. Though I don’t think I’m gonna be standing in line to buy these shelves any …

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London forecast

I was visiting and was amused by their weather forecast. Rather than saying, “partly cloudy”, they say “sunny intervals”. I much prefer “sunny intervals”. It’s a glass half full kinda thing. So proper. I love London.

Cubs 10,000 wins

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs for getting their 10,000 victory Wednesday evening. I watched the last few innings. It was a thriller. Basically, the Cubs were losing 5-4 in the 9th with one out and a runner on first. Aramis Ramirez smacks a two-run homer to put the Cubs ahead 6-5. The Rockies somehow scored …

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Earth Day

In observance of Earth Day, I took the stairs when leaving work rather than using the elevator down 24 flights of stairs. I do that every once in a while. Good exercise.

ro-but or ro-bot?

How do you pronounce the word, “robot”? I’ve always know to say “ro-bot”. Two co-workers were discussing a riddle involving two robots and both of them have been saying, “ro-but” and it’s been driving me absolutely crazy. They keep saying it over and over. “ro-but, ro-but, ro-but” Aargh! For the record, I corrected them and …

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Juan Khan

Since 2001 my fanstasy baseball team name has been the “Khans”. I like using historical references for my fantasy sports teams. My football team is called “Fighting Tokugawas”. Recently I was struggling to find words that rhyme with “Khan”. saved the day and gave “Juan” as one of the rhyming words. Wouldn’t it be …

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emoticons big

I resized the “clapping hands” Yahoo! emoticon to 300 pixels wide.The original is below.