Month: March 2008

no left turns in DC

Ever plan on visiting Washington, DC? I have some simple advice if you’re going to visit the Capitol Building. Don’t drive. There’s nowhere to park. Zero parking garages within about a 1 mile radius of the Capitol building. Street parking is all Permit Only. Find a nice place to park in the city and take …

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great airplane travel gag

Want to make traveling on an airplane enjoyable? I have the perfect solution and it doesn’t involve buying computers, video game consoles, or anything for that matter. Simply copycat everything that your neighbor does. Oh it’s countless fun.

post-it note on steroids

I’m not sure how I feel about this gadget. (Write your message with your finger on the trackpad and it appears on the yellow stickie screen.) I love that gives instructions on how to build it yourself. It’s clever. It’s tre-geeky. However, it just seems a bit much on another level. I want it …

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USB greenhouse

How would you like a greenhouse that’s powered by the USB port on your computer? only $15 at Sorry Mac users, it requires Pentium III 1.5 GHz processor or higher. “It comes with a computer interface that monitors growth rate, and includes calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings so you can grow and care for …

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customizable LED name tag

I’m totally getting this. Programmable Scrolling Blue LED Name Tag– Blue scrolling LED name tag– Pin directly to your shirt or use the powerful magnet– Displays your own custom message– Store up to 6 different messages– Stores up to 512 characters– Re-programable with easy on-board buttons– Adjustable scroll speed– Adjustable Brightness

I’m a spotlight feature on Etsy

Yo Ho Ho! One of my paintings made it to the Spotlight feature in Etsy Storque. There’s more Maps on a Stick in my Etsy shop. All original work and only $15 plus $5 shipping.

March site of the month

I know March 6th is a bit early to declare a site of the month, but I’m confident in There’s currently a collection of photos from 48+ different truck spills. There’s a wide range of spilled items including potatoes (shown above), lumber, alligators, cookies, coins, and even cocaine. I remember as a child wishing …

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celestial watch

Check out the Astrodea. The face slowly rotates to show the position of the sky. Whatever is in the oval at the bottom is what’s visable at the moment. The Astrodea website has an animation showing the watch face rotating. It’s another awesome watch made by the Japanese. I seriously need to make a list …

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cat astronaut

I consider this astronaut cat, from gizmodo, an evolution (in more ways that one) of sparx‘s weekly lolcat posts.