Month: February 2008

wood paneling on cars

That photo is the inside of the new Toyota Venza, pretty nice eh? But what’s up with the wood paneling? Why is fake wood inside a car considered a luxury? I don’t get it.

elmhurst hot dog

ok, so invented a new hot dog the other day. It is delcious and you must try it. I call it the “Elmhurst Dog”. It consists of the following: a turkey hot dog wrapped in american cheese covered with BBQ pork all of which is nestled in a happy white bun.

famous artist painting series

Almost two years ago, I started selling my “AIN’T” painting series which features a handful of famous (and one or two not-so famous) artists on 5×7″ matboard. Below are how many hits each artist has received in my ebay store. The paintings with asterisks were posted in my ebay store in October 2006. The non-asterisk …

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portable handheld printer

Introducing the Polaroid Zink. It’s the size of a deck of cards and prints 2×3″ images. Imagine a 4×6″ print cut up four ways. Kinda small, but fun for gatherings with friends and family or public art performances. Just hook up your digital camera or cell phone camera to it via USB or Bluetooth and …

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crazy dog photo

Mark R sent me the photo above. It’s quite impressive and imaginative. Though being the Photoshop snob that I am, I have to point out the areas that could be improved. The circled areas show where there’s clear rubber stamb clone duplication.