Month: February 2008

trap bed

Would you sleep in this bed? I sure wouldn’t. I guess it’s at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.Full story here. It was part of some kooky art performance.

2008 oscar predictions

My picks have the x next to them. I think I saw only two movies in the theater last year (Transformers and Blades of Glory). I’m going with Transformers sweeping its categories for a total of three. And Blades of Glory, uh well, err, um, yea. Best Picture‘Atonement’‘Michael Clayton’‘No Country for Old Men’x ‘There Will …

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bookshelf staircase

London-based Levitate Architects designed this crazy bookshelf built into a staircase for a couple in London. I was competely thrown off by the photos the first time I saw them. I couldn’t tell which way was up. The photo on the left is the view your feet would have as they are walking up the …

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cake frosting

I was shopping for frosting. There were two options: 1. Rich & Creamy2. Light & Fluffy Which would you go with?