Month: January 2008

critique of presidential campaign logos

The New York Times has a great critique of the 2008 presidential candidate logos. And it’s done through cartoons (15 in all). It’s kinda strange that they reference some of the 2000 and 2004 logos, but it’s a fun read.

best part of this past weekend

NY Giants headcoach, Tom Coughlin, was yelling at the officials about a potential facemask. I took a video in slowmo. It’s the second slowmo video featured in my youtube gallery. The first was Cosmo Kramer firing a Polaroid flash into his face.

kangaroo art

If I were an impulse buyer, I would totally buy this print right now. It’s only $8.50 (including shipping). But alas, I’m saving up for a Macbook. It’s handywork of Matt Cipov. Great art. Check out his site. He has an etsy store from hence where which the forementioned print is available for purchase. Etsy …

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conversations with security

I had a pretty productive late night coming up with some ideas for future artworks. I’m keeping the best ideas under wraps for now. However, there’s one that will have an interesting life in its development. It’s called, “Conversations with Security”. It’ll be loosely based on my experience with security forces throughout my life from …

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sidebar clean up

For years, my brother has begged me to clean up the left sidebar of this blog. Well, he now has Joe Biden to thank. In the past week, Senator Biden pulled out of the presidential campaign resulting in the need for me to pull the ad on my blog. Gone with Senator Biden is: mybloglog …

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