Month: January 2008

iphone camera telescope zoom

This is wild and wacky. It’s a zoom lens that attaches to the iPhone being sold by I’m guessing that “hk” stands for Hong Kong. Clearly someone who doesn’t know English very well wrote the product description: Function: Overcome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view …

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potato pocket warmer

Winter chills got you down? Want something to bring a pep in your step and swing in your stride? Let me introduce the potato pocket warmer. It’s simple. Grab a potato. Throw it in the oven for 60 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove the potato from the oven and place the potato in your coat …

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broken tv

There’s a lot of great broken tv photos on flickr. photo above from lawgeek available through creative commons licensing. By no means do I encourage anyone to go ahead and bust up a television. There’s some dangerous chemicals inside televisions that should not be messed with.

transparent concrete

Introducing Litracon. It’s a light-transmitting concrete. I found it whilst doing a Google Images search for “concrete”.

new etsy art: maps on a stick

I have a new series of paintings for sale in my etsy shop for $10 each. The series is called “Maps on a Stick”. Shown above is “Iceland on a Stick”. ARTIST STATEMENT There’s a duality of represented realities in this series. The first such representational interpretation is that of maps. A single line deviates …

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Chris and Kris

My wife has a brother named, “Chris”. I have a sister named, “Kris”. It can get confusing at times. I’m going to suggest we pronounce Kris’ name as “KA-ris” and Chris’ name as “CHA-ris” with emphasis placed on the capped letters. Then again, it may not be a good idea cuz I don’t want people …

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Super Bowl L

So it’s that time of year where we have to endure endless media coverage before the Super Bowl. This is probably the most annoying time of year in sports. What’s more annoying is the roman numeral system for the Super Bowl. Well, it’s not exactly annoying. It’s just lame. It was cool in the 20s …

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Hey, hey! I just started a new art blog! I’ve come across some interesting art on etsy and I think those artists deserve some attention. That’s where comes in. Each and every weekday there will be at least one piece of art featured. My plans are for the site to become a premiere location …

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