Month: November 2007

Tetris, but with Maps

Want to play a seriously addicting game? Then Statetris is for you. It’s Tetris, but with the countries of Europe. The first time I played it took me 14 minutes 33 seconds. I didn’t realize that you could hit the enter key and it drops the country into place. So my time would have been …

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moon look-a-like

aref-adib has some interesting side-by-side comparisons. The site has a nice variety of items. My favorite is the drum that looks like the moon because who in the world looks at a drum and says, “y’know, I think that looks just like the moon”

Frank Gehry backlash

MIT is suing Frank Gehry. The Strata Center has persistent leaks, drainage problems and mold growing on its brick exterior. It cost $300 million dollars to build in 2004 and Gehry was paid $15 million. Former Boston University president John Silber had some choice words: After learning of the lawsuit yesterday, Silber said Gehry “thinks …

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I miss the Bozo Show

I came across this link for the Cake Writing Generator. Put your very own message on the cake. The cake reminds me very much of the 100% whipping cream cakes used on The Bozo Show for cake throwing battles. I very much miss The Bozo Show. I remember watching the show well into high school …

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