Month: November 2007

coolest thing ever?

I did a search on google images for: coolest thing ever. Result number 7 is shown above. You can download a high-res image here. It’s about 8×12″ at 300 dpi.

donut hole solar system

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solar system in our universe where the planets were exact replicas of Dunkin’ Donuts Munckin Donut Hole Treats but they were the size of the planets in our solar system? It would bring me great joy to be the first human to land on such a glazed …

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planet hunting

Take a wild guess as to when the first planet outside our solar system was discovered. Think of a year, then go to the comments section below to find the answer.

just how western are you?

We live in western civilization. Here’s exactly how western I am: world: westcountry: midweststate: northeastcounty: eastcity: far westblock: southstreetside: west I am westernized to 3.5 degrees (I count midwest as 0.5).

sculptures on sale for holiday season

The sculptures from the “Properties of Language” series are now on sale. Previously priced at $100, $75, and $75. They now are $75, $50, and $50 respectively. The Twins series on canvas are also on sale for $20, $15, and $12.

Black Friday is dumb

6 a.m., 5 a.m., and even 4 a.m. sales? You want me to get my butt out of my warm bed bed in the middle of the night and stand in the freezing cold with a strong likelihood that I won’t even get what I’m waiting for cuz there’s dozens of crazed people who are …

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words you can type with one hand

I like words that I can easily type with one hand. I was reminded of this joy when i was typing in I can easily type the word “sears” with one hand. Such one-hand words should be given high praise in our society.

Yeardy, Smeardy, like my beardy?

I’ve posted on numerous occassions about my love for the Japanese. But props have to be given to Iceland. For the Icelandic design group, Vik Prjnsdttir, have given the world the Beard Cap.