Month: October 2007

animals & architecture postmodern paintings

Another original art series has entered my etsy store. ANIMALS AND ARCHITECTURE artist statement: This series springs from the long-lasting relationship between architecture and nature. These paintings cogitate the ranging existence of architecture from a suggestive living, breathing actuality to potentially emblamatic symbols of human thought. The same analysis is applied to the representation of …

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original LEGO cloud sculptures

The LEGO cloud sculptures have now arrived at etsy for $20 plus $8 shipping. (my etsy storefront) Artist Statement: LEGO pieces and clouds are opposites by their form. LEGO pieces are plastic, rigid, geometrically modular standardized units mass produced by man. Clouds are biomorphic, fluid, randomly shaped forms of water and ice produced by nature. …

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funny baby onesies has some great baby onesies. The image above shows six from their collection. I decided to show just one the ones that have the same circle design element. I suppose my favorite is “I CAN’T READ”. My nephew already has “I MIGHT BARF”.

best pc case mod ever

about a month ago, I shared PC Magazines’ 10 best PC case mods. You can put all those in the dumpster, because the self-proclaimed deathstarchris has built the Incredible Hulk Maximum PC. Make sure to click on the button that says, “click here for more”. It will take you to a 360 degree view of …

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