Month: October 2007

pirating vacant offices

What’s the proper amount of time to wait to plunder the booty of a recently vacated cubicle/office? I was frowned upon for taking some Sharpies and a calculator two days after a layoff. Someone was already in the office throwing stuff away because of commanding orders from upper management. I didn’t want to miss my …

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faceoff friday: #12

Who would win? fighting chicken or man with barrel of monkeys. At first I thought the fighting chicken would win because he looks angry, crazy and ready to rip anything to shreds. But, don’t discount the potential mayhem ensued by a barrel of monkeys. The monkeys figure out a way to win this fight despite …

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tragic, really

“Little People – A tiny street art project““Little handpainted people left in London to fend for themselves” That says it well. The picture frame falling in front of the Starbucks is brillant. Unfortunately, they mix in other photos with this series. This site gives a quicker understanding of the picture frame series. There’s five photos …

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camerphone magic

I’m really stoning on a photo I took yesterday with my Motorola v220 cameraphone. Driving home yesterday I noticed a pack of flying geese. So pulled out my cameraphone, shot open my sunroof and snapped the photo. (I also changed the settings on the cameraphone so it would take a darker photo resulting in the …

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plywood art strips invade iwu

On Sunday, a couple dozen plywood art strips (some shown in photo above) invaded the Ames School of Art at Illinois Wesleyan University and other locations on the IWU campus. One side of the plywood featured one of three different kinds of imagery. 1: historical, cultural patterns found throughout the world. 2: Gothic English Churches. …

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wildebeest statue

How come there are no wildebeest statues in this world? I can’t find any at least. Any one who comes across a wildebeest statue, please let me know. Thank you.