Month: July 2007

Yes this is Sam the Record Man

I’ve never visited Sam The Record Man in Toronto. But after seeing the photo above, it looks pretty cool. At least I like the sign. Big black circle… signage proclaiming, “YES THIS IS SAM THE RECORD MAN”… simple typography… simple color palette. I dig how they start off with “Yes, this is”. It’s very proclaimatic …

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more fun kids toys

See, I’m weening myself off the pirate posts with this post about a crocodile game. (Crocs eat people who are forced to walk the plank. eh?) I’m not sure exactly what this game is all about. Here’s the description from the manufacturer: “Which tooth is bothering the poor old croc? Press the sore tooth and …

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Faceoff Friday: #1

Welcome to a new installment on the unlikelymoose blog. It is called Faceoff Friday. Two toys are pitted against each other and we must decide who is going to win! FACEOFF FRIDAYJuly 13, 2007Merlin the Magician vs. Crossbowman Blue My money is on Merlin, because the crossbowman is left-handed and it’s a proven fact that …

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shoulder cannon

I said in a post from a couple days ago that my money is on the pirate with the gun. I neglected to think of the pirate with a shoulder cannon. Captain Hook is in a bit of trouble there. Aargh.

Pirate Friday

Aaargh! I declare today to be Pirate Friday. Aargh, my money is always on the pirate with the gun. Aargh, any comments made to this here blog post must start with “Aargh”. Got it, matie?