Month: July 2007

faceoff friday: 3

Who will win?Mohawk-wearing Native American or Three-headed dog? My money is on the three-headed dog. MohawkMan will throw his two axes at two of the three-headed dog’s heads and there will still be one head on the dog to maul MohawkMan. Michael Vick, if you read my blog, don’t get any ideas! Who do you …

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unlikelymoose on flickr

What do these three images have in common? They all can be found on my flickr account. I’ve had a flickr account for quite some time and held back on posting photos. I always had in my head the idea that my flickr photos need to follow a certain theme or consistency. As a result, …

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750th blog post!

I just realized that my Pyrotronics fire alarm post was the 750th blog post on HOORAY!

pyrotronics fire alarm

The other day I noticed that the fire alarm in the hallway of my office is by Pyrotronics. How cool is that name? huh? The design of this particular fire alarm is pretty cool, too. The white trim looks sharp and it’s the same thickness as the letters in “FIRE”. The icon above “FIRE’ is …

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Faceoff Friday: #2

Who will win?ghost with chain or Tyrannosaurus Rex? My money is on ghost with chain. He’s already dead, so there’s no way that the T-Rex can kill him. The Ghost will just repeatedly whip the T-Rex with his chain. Who do you think would win?

Battle of Halidon Hill

Today is the 674th anniversary of the final battle of the Wars of Scottish Independence (1333). It was the Battle of Halidon Hill. orange dude courtesy of