Month: June 2007

cicada wings

My neighborhood has been overrun by cicadas. They’ve been quite entertaining. Here’s one quick cicada story: When they first started popping up, I left a portion of my yard unmowed to give them time to find the tree and do their cicada thing. I figured three weeks was enough time and I mowed my cicada …

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vote for your favorite pepsi can

from core77: Pepsi challenged US designers to design artwork for the next aluminum can. 100,000 entries later, the pool was reduced to just 5 final designs. Now there’s a nifty little interactive website up for the public to pick and choose which designer is awarded $10,000 with their artwork printed on 500 million cans.

concrete patterns and felt leaves

Studio Frederik Molenshot designed two intriguing products, Solid Poetry and Bladeren. Solid Poetry looks like ordinary concrete slab. That is, until water touches the surface. Water reveals a hidden pattern in the concrete. Don’t ask me how they did it. It’s just freakin’ amazing. Bladeren is felt interlocking leaves. Plain and simple.

alabama crimson tide logo

I don’t know much about collegiate sports, but I do know that the Alabama Crimson Tide logo is sweet! Don’t mess with that angry elephant.

wide selection of containers

I was surfing the net trying to find the sized tin for my great junky $20 keychain camera and I came across They have a “picture catalog” page that shows ALL their containers. It’s a visual delight. I took screen shots of the collection and stitched them together into one image shown above. I …

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Terry Borders wireframe sculptures

Terry Border of Indianapolis has a bunch of fun and thoughtful wire sculptures. Check out his blog. The image i choose for this blog post isn’t that much “fun”, but I thought it told a very strong story.

styrofoam lamp

styrofoam lamp by Miss Baba. If that doesn’t cut it for you, then how about this?: thanks, core77