Month: June 2007

must-have item

Anybody want to buy me this? please. $1800. 6 minute video demo The Sears Craftsman Compucarve is an artist’s dream. It’s a computer-controlled, 3-dimensional woodworking machine. I watched an infomercial on this a few months ago. I was just reminded of this tremendous wood carving tool from a DIY website. From what I remember, the …

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transformer stroller

The AT-AT stroller rocks. We all know. But there is a potential stroller that would rock even harder. How about a Transformer stroller? It would transform from a stroller to a robot. And the baby would be in the head of the robot. That would be the most awesome thing ev-a! Of course all safety …

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washington state quarter design

I’m grooving on the newly minted Washington state quarter. It’s great how the salmon’s curved body is conforming to the shape of the quarter. I’m not too crazy about all the detail in Mount Rainier. It takes a bit of the focus away from the salmon. The salmon is what makes this quarter so interesting.

sosa’s hat trick

The Chicago Cubs entered Arlington, Texas to face Sammy Sosa who is sitting on 599 steroid-injected career home runs. I couldn’t be happier to see Sosa get the hat trick as he struck out three times. And they were ugly strikeouts, too. He wasn’t even close.

i am hungry

Many times I feel hunger while sitting at my desk at work. Often I have granola bars to help satisfy that hunger. Some days I have no food to fulfill my hunger. It is then that I often wish that plastic was edible. I have a plastic wildebeest standing on my desk that’s looking awfully …

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