Month: May 2007

shelf chair transit thing

whoever thought it was a good idea to combine a book shelf, a chair and a car? It must be Nils Holger Moormann, creator of the Bookinist. Hey, there’s even a built-in lamp and cupholder. They forgot to include a compartment for little gnomes to pop out and tell you how stupid this thing is.

Fox Lumber fire

There was a fire at Fox Home Center in Alsip, Illinois yesterday. Fox’s is a landmark on the south side of Chicago. It’s sad to see it go up in smoke. The reason for this post is that I get a kick out of looking at the animated gif on Fox’s website.

chatty electronics

I found these two Sigma System test machines on ebay. They look like a couple of old friends. I wonder what they talk about. Whatever it is, both machines look quite happy to be discussing it.

dumbest invention ever

The SmudgeGuard is a pseudo-glove for left-handers to wear to prevent smudges when writing with a pen or pencil or drawing with pastels, graphite or the like. I am a left-handed artist and I think the SmudgeGuard is the dumbest invention ever. I wear smudge marks on my hand as a badge of honor that …

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scariest animal ever

hide under your desk, table, couch. anything. hurry. now! I found the photo via a google image search.I’d love to give a link to the site where this image resides. However, there’s some questionable content on the site.