Month: May 2007

cost to sell on ebay

Ever think of selling something on ebay? Many people think it’s free to sell items on ebay. That’s incorrect. There’s a bit of investment involved in selling on ebay. It’s a gamble. There’s a good chance your item will not sell and you’ll end up in the red. (Yes, you pay the fees even if …

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Monster Shelf

Back in 2003, when I moved into my house and I had a completely empty garage, the very first thing I built was this rolling shelf system. I had an old PowerMac 7200 with a beat-up 21″ monitor that needed a home. The result was the Monster 2003 Shelf structurally built with 2x4s, connector plates, …

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DUI IKEA chandelier

Designfenzider designed the kickin’ chandelier shown above called “Dear Ingo”. It got me thinkin’. One can easily build their very own Dear Ingo chandelier. Just head down to IKEA and buy 16 Tertial desk lamps. They currently go for $9 a pop. You don’t even have to use 16 lamps. It’s more dramatic with 16, …

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the new Boston Institute of Contemporary Arts building

Have you seen the new building for the Boston Institute of Contemporary Arts? Its cantilever running parallel over a boardwalk and perpendicularly parallel to Boston Harbor is an engineering marvel. Mark Favermann of puts it best, “the structure is thoughtfully monumental, sensitively symbolic and even handsomely heroic”. And check out their media center. It’s …

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haystack chair

I’d like to see these placed at the CTA bus stops in Chicago. Photo from Milan Design Week 2007.

what’s the good word?

I don’t like it when people ask, “what’s the good word?” How am I supposed to answer that? “Gravy”? That’s a good word. I like gravy. How about “stapler”? Staplers are good. And to that point, I don’t like it when co-workers are walking past me and ask “how’s it going?” and they keep walking. …

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